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  • Free Robotics Workshop on 21st April, 2013
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  • Summer Camp 2013: Batches Commencing from 22nd April, 2013


Robokidz is a Gemini Training and Staffing Pvt Ltd venture in the field of educational robotics and embedded systems training with focus on practical learning. Robokidz is a constant facilitator in the scientific and technical education of students by providing them requisite resources through wide variety of robotic kits, software based programming tools, basic and advanced level trainings and web based learning resources.

Work at Robokidz is largely structured into two domains:
• Robokidz Knowledge Center
• Robokidz R and D Center

Robokidz Knowledge Center

One of Robokidz's basic aims is to impart career oriented practical education in robotics, automation, embedded systems, artificial intelligence etc. To achieve this aim we constantly develop products and services to make learning process more interesting and interactive. Our goal is to introduce industry relevant training modules which will supplement the current coursework and make the student well equipped to tackle real world problems.

Robokidz Knowledge Center focuses on the following domains;
• Development and enhancement of Interactive course content
• Development of relevant hardware and software modules
• Conducting various basic and advanced level workshops and training programs

Current Openings

• Technical Associate Robotics
• Technical Associate Embedded Systems
• Academic Counsellor

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about robotics, embedded systems and AI . Scope of job will require good technical knowledge, impressive communication skills, leadership quality and dedication.

Robokidz R and D Center:

Robokidz R and D center is the place where you can live your dreams and pursue a career that lets you use and develop your skills. Work on cutting edge technologies, meet challenges and make a mark in the field of robotics. At Robokidz, we are committed to turn ideas into indigenous products that can bring about a revolution in the personal and service robotics industry.

Currently Robokidz focuses on development of products in the following domains
• Educational Robotics
• Edu-tainment Robotics
• Other segments like consumer robotics, service robotics, etc

Robokidz provides you a challenging, young and energetic environment, an environment for people to learn, perform and grow. We thrive on the passion and energy of our team. We are always seeking people who share our vision and have the talent to spread this vision among others. If you think that you have the zeal for robotics, will to work in a challenging environment and a quest for knowledge, then feel free to contact us at (Mention the Post applied for in the mail Subject)