STANLEY 66-137 Digital Detection Tester and Screwdriver (Black)

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  • Direct Detection: 12V – 220V AC/DC live objects through LCD display.When testing DC, please touch the earth with your hand.
  • For breakpoint test – find phase line/ground line or breakpoint of phase line and place the tip of the tester, press the “Induction breakpoint test” (you can check the flow of current in an insulated wire from outside).
  • If the tester voltage doesn’t reach 70% or higher voltage then it will display a lower voltage. For example: In a 220V pin/socket, if the current of 154 volts is flowing then the display will show 12, 36, 55, and 110 and not 220V in the LCD screen.
  • Rapid induction voltage testing, you can use the induction electrode to test electric objects lower than 12V.CE certification by the European Commission.

A Basic Tester

Stanley’s digital tester is a tool for every home. It can be used to check the current flow and break-point in the current flow in a circuit. The LCD screen displays the voltage in the circuit.


Direct & Inductance Test

The Direct & Inductance test are the two main features in this tester. The direct test will provide the details on current and voltage flow. The Inductance test will find the ground line (earth wire) or break point of the phase line.


LCD Display

Stanley’s digital tester has an LCD display. The symbol represents the electric current flow. The tester can read voltage up to 220V and highlight 12, 36, 55, 110, and 220 volts. This helps you to determine which type of device to be used based on the device’s operating range voltage.


Direct Test

The Direct test helps you determine the current flow and the voltage. In a 220V pin/socket, if the current of 154 volts is flowing, then the display will show 12, 36, 55, and 110 and not 220V in the LCD screen. In the above image, only 12 V or less than 12 V current if flowing in the socket. So any device which requires 220V will not work if plugged into this socket.


Induction Test

You can check if the electric current is flowing in a circuit by placing the tester on top of the wire. This is a safe and easy way to find out if the circuit is active or not. If it’s active then it is represented by induction symbol.


Identifying the Ground Line

Stanley’s digital tester can also help you find the ground line in the circuit. Keep the tip of tester 1-5cm from the tested electric line, if an induction marking () is found on the LCD, the tested line is a ground line.


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