To solve the global demand for engineers, technologists and problem-solvers, Robokidz, a leading technology company has a vision for addressing the STEM crisis. If we want more engineering thinkers in the workforce, we must incorporate engineering in school early and often, feeding students’ natural curiosity and a desire to learn.

YE Lab | Features


Hands on Learning Laboratory for Grade 5 Onward

Robust Kits with detailed tutorials for students and teachers

Existing computer lab and physics lab can be converted to Young Engineers’ Lab

It is best suited for Skill Based Learning

YE Lab | Domain Covered


Electronics & Embedded Design

Software Programming

Mechanical Designs

Industrial Designs

Concepts of Physics

Young Engineers' Club

Let your kids be little Einstein. Let them learn to explore , experiment and investigate. Let them learn while having fun and have fun while learning Science and Robotics in our 10-15 classes program conducted over the year. It’s a club where we meet and do hands on activities, experiments, discussions, model making, constructions and lots more.

It is an initiative to enable and enrich children to bridge the gap between the academic knowledge and the real world skills to inspire TRUE VICTORIES by teaching them the art of learning, nurturing their creativity, triggering their curiosity, engaging them to contribute to the community and helping them to realize their self-worth. The idea is to provide REAL WORLD LIFE SKILLS based holistic approach for the all-round development of children and empower parents with insights into new age parenting to help align mind sets to benefit their children.