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Well-designed robotics workshop programs here at Robokidz, facilitate learning in students and pave way for children to learn concepts of science and mathematics easily. After school robotics for kids exposes students to various out of the regular scope scientific theories that will interest them in the field and make them aware of what’s happening in the world of science. These theories also include making your child learn how robotics workshop programs make use of power in the form of solar energy and electricity to make robots function, something children are awestruck by. Robokidz is one of the most popular platforms for making your child learn efficient technical and scientific skills. Our robotics workshop for school students focuses on the holistic development of the child along with overall improvement in STEM skills which is, undoubtedly, the future of the world as we know it.

With Robokidz, your child not only enrolls with one of the best robotics workshops in India but he also signs up for loads of fun and adaptive learning that makes him ready for the next big phase of his life. If your child can’t get enough of robots already, then Robokidz is the way to go.

At Robokidz, we wish to teach your kids the best of both worlds with our unique teaching pedagogy that is a fusion of traditional as well as modern techniques of learning. With our robotics workshop programs, your child is merely a click away from the lucrative world of science and information technology, which is the language of tomorrow. Our past students from the robotics workshop programs have testified before us as to how effective these courses have actually been in real lives and their implementation has helped our students achieve long-term goals which not only made their parents proud but also took ahead of the name of the entire nation. Our classes here at Robokidz focus on enhancing the problem-solving and critical thinking ability of the kids. These skills are beneficial for the future and give your child a cutting edge advantage over others in an ever so competitive world.

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At Robokidz, your child can leverage the freedom to learn a host of skills from analytical and critical thinking to scientific and technical, all of which are of utmost importance for academics in the future. Here are some significant takeaways from a school kids robotics workshop:

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Among the many benefits that our robotics workshop programs provide, one of the very important ones is the introduction to programming and learning STEM skills at the foundational stage. We are one-of-a-kind robotics workshop in India providing a cost inclusive robotics kit along with adaptive learning techniques which enable our students to code without any prior knowledge whatsoever. 

Our kids start learning basic programming concepts with languages like Arduino and SCRATCH. These languages simplify the learning process for the students in the future as and when they are exposed to complex coding programs giving them a clear advantage over other students.

Our intertwined interdisciplinary approach towards teaching gives students a competitive edge and lets them learn unique concepts easily. Our robotics workshop for school students is specially designed keeping in mind a hands-on learning experience for children from the best teachers there are. The customized learning journey for each student is an added cherry on top for those who like to take their own sweet time to understand concepts and make the best of what they have learned. Since 2010, our after school robotics for kids have shaped the minds of many in terms of providing extensive STEM skills and exposing them under the guidance of trained professionals for the best overall experience of learning.

Robotics and allied fields are one of the most widely chosen fields in the country employing a huge sector of the population in well paying jobs. It is also the most sought-after stream in the US owing to the huge technological advancements and future as well. At Robokidz, your child gets to learn these concepts with the help of a hands-on learning experience as well as chalk his path towards a bright future remaining at par with what the rest of the world is upto, thanks to our world class curriculum and innovative teaching pedagogy.

Make your child build something bigger and better, with Robokidz. It’s worth it!

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