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Top 5 Robotics Project Ideas for Kids to make in 2020

Most of us, as kids, were amazed by Robots and we couldn’t help but wonder how they worked! Be it TV shows, documentaries, or YouTube videos today, we cannot unsee the fact that most of the major tasks, unimaginable nearly just a decade ago, are being done by robots, and big ones at that. They are everywhere, literally. Even the car that your dad drives is assembled by a robot. Funny, isn’t it?

Yes, they are quite popular but what have you ever wondered why? For the Avery simple reason that they make one’s life easier, and as humans, we sure love to take the shortcut. Robots are extensively used in various industries, for example, in the film industry, and the automobile and space programs! Robots have undoubtedly become a significant part of our lives and believe it or not; just like our loved ones, we cannot live without them too. With that being said, it makes one wonder, how golden is this field in reality and the answer is, very. The field of robotics is a highly talked about the field and sought-after by millions of people every year. With the increasing dependency on robots and automation, in general, robots are fast becoming a part of our day-to-day lives. The robotics industry is expected to grow at a rate of 25.38% by the end of 2025, according to some trusted reports, which is huge and as the awareness increases, we think it will catch on quickly.

Based on these observations and their impact on the lives of many, robotics is surely becoming a field of choice. Many consider it to be the next best thing, and rightly so! Scientists predict robotics is going to highly influence the future of the world. This technology is becoming so common that it is now being considered as a General Purpose Technology. Therefore, it becomes imperative to introduce robotics projects for school students and also otherwise to ignite their minds with the endless possibilities that this area has in store!

Introduction to Robotics

Robotics is a fairly new field that has inarguably gained a lot of traction over the past few years, simply because of the heavy technological reliance and lucrative job opportunities. Engineering is no longer the go-to field. Robotics programs here at Robokidz are taught via Scratch and Arduino IDE, simple and beginner electronics platforms to perform robotics classes for kids, very easily. They are very popular all around the world and a standard when it comes to learning the nitty-gritty of this field. They are basically open-source electronics platforms based on easy-to-use software and hardware. Arduino and Scratch are a common solution for early-age robotics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and engineers alike. Both these platforms can be really beneficial for your child in developing a sense of how things work and build upon the endless creativity that lies in the field.

In order to teach robot science projects for kids, we recommend taking Robokidz’s basic robotics courses and increasing the level gradually for a better learning experience and in-depth knowledge. Once your child is familiar with these concepts, he should be able to perform some beginner robotics projects easily. To give your child a push, you can get all the parts or simply make use of the robotics kids supplied by Robokidz, along with the course subscription. 

Remember, if you choose to purchase any other kit, it must come with clear instructions for kids on how to build these projects so they have all the guidance they need. There are many kits available too, in the market with different hardware devices along with their specifications. Once your child has one of these, here’s a list of the top 7 robotics projects for kids:

The Cleaning Robot

If you are a clean freak like us, then you would probably want your child to make this robot, very first. Kidding aside, this is a smart cleaning robot that can easily clean the floors and walls or at least help your child feel he/she is helping you in some way. It is quite easy to build this robot, all you need is a prototyping device, base plate, BO motor, battery, M3 bolts and M3 nuts along with motor accessories, cleaning sponge, cables, and some cable ties.

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

This is one of the most interesting robotics projects for kids. The obstacle avoiding robot is easy to develop and does not involve a lot of difficulties. As the name suggests, this robot is developed to avoid hurdles that come in the way and find an alternate route to move forward. During this project, children can actually learn various concepts while building the robot. 

For this, the robot will use an ultrasonic proximity sensor, micro servo motor with accessories, a prototyping device, base plate, nuts and bolts, wheels, and holder for the sensors. Once equipped with each of these components, you can start building your own and flaunt that in front of others.

The robot is trained to avoid and change its course for any obstacles. In case, there is no way to go ahead, the robot will change its course 180 degrees.

The Robot That Follows

Unlike the obstacle avoiding robot, this robot is going to follow you or a line. The line following robot is an interactive robot science project for kids that teaches them unique concepts about sensors and the way autonomous robots work. If your child has completed a course from Robokidz, then it will be a cakewalk for him to build this project as the program for making this robot work is mostly written in Arduino IDE, a part of the curriculum of the course here.

For this, you’ll need a prototyping device, a smartphone controller app, module, BO motor, motor mount, wheels, nuts, and jumper cables. Once you complete assembling the kit, don’t forget to give your robot a test run and see if it works well. All the best!

The Keeper

Yes, you heard it right. That’s what we call this robot because it has the ability to both pick and place an object at the right place. Want your robot to hand you over that newspaper lying far away from you? Don’t worry, this robot can do it for you. Building this robot is a fun and easy process. 

All you need is a prototyping device, BO motor and mount, base plate, wheels, nuts and bolts, gripper plate, and a micro servo motor with accessories. Once completed, the pick and place robot picks up an object from point A and places it at any point we want it to. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? This is one of the many amazing possibilities of building robotics projects for school students and surely a fun way of learning something that can largely shape your future career path.

The Football Playing Robot

Do you love football? If yes, then we have an amazing idea for you. Let’s try and build a robot that plays football. You and your friends can build one each and participate in your own football leagues where your robots do all the hustling. How exciting does that sound? The DIY football playing robot is no doubt, one of the easiest and most fun robotics projects for kids out there.

This project necessarily involves the same components as used in the robots above but the number of prototyping devices you choose depends totally on the number of robots you intend to make for your league. 

In a nutshell

Teaching robotics for kids today can reap a range of benefits, not just career-wise but also making them ready for the future and providing them with a base at an early stage and something exciting to look forward to. Our specially designed robotics projects for kids at Robokidz provide a wholesome learning experience based on hands-on comprehensive teaching pedagogy. With some of the best teachers in the country providing their facilities, you can be sure of your child being in safe hands and learning what matters!

A major part of our lives in the future will depend on robots in some way or the others, therefore, learning and being a part of this field, becomes all the more important. If your child has the knack to learn and a soft corner for technologies and gadgets, you should definitely enroll him in one of our basic level courses that can teach him various concepts and help him become tomorrow’s leading innovators and budding entrepreneurs. This is really a great way to give a jump start to your kids into this field. 

About Robokidz

Robokidz is one of India’s finest science, technology, and skill development companies. It was founded in 2010 with an aim to promote scientific, technical, and critical thinking skills of children pushing them to innovate and break the boundaries. Robokidz has, to date, reached out to more than 1 lakh kids in over 500 schools in India spreading awareness and teaching them about this field. 

We are proud of our unique teaching pattern and innovative pedagogy, that lets every kid prepare for the next big thing. We offer a wide range of courses based on different levels of understanding along with a takeaway robotics kit that is inclusive of the course fees. This enables each child to learn at their own pace and also get practical know-how of the working of these robots in real life.

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